Latest Animations


It was a great experience in being the part of Mass Animation / DC Universe Online Competition on Facebook. It was divided into 2 phases and there were an awesome amount of contribution by the world over animators. The final decision for phase 2 is on its way, as voting has just been finished. Sorry for late posting, as I am going through some things. I do wanted to do shots from phase 2, but can’t get a chance, however had submitted some shots in phase 1 and guess what one of the entry was selected. I am sharing some of my shots link from the facebook application page for which you will be acquiring facebook login. I don’t know how long will the shots be available but as long as they are there, its great to check it out.

Shot #05 (GC0050)
Shot #23 (PI0060)
Shot #03 (GC0030)

Hope, you will like it and will get some feedback on it.


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