Looking forward to 2012

After a long delay and busy months, I had created a scheduling for my work. Here is what you can except in the coming year.

There will be a slight update to my website, with new updated links to new projects.

New look for the website.

New animations and updated reel.

Non animation related stuff.

I guess I can only act on the following stuff for now. Can’t promise much as I have been disappointed in resuming my short every year. Anyhow, thanks for stopping by, and see you later with some new stuff 🙂

DCUO-MA Trailer Animations

Is been almost 11 months since the competition been over on facebook. Involving in such competition was quiet challenging as many of the great animators were there too. It was a great learning experience.

The competition was organized by Mass Animation with collaboration with DC Universe Online. There were two categories, one game animation and the other for game trailer. I do submitted few clips, however one of them got lucky enough to get selected by the Jury and was then further refined to get it ready for final trailer. To view the full trailer, please refer to my previous post.

The game itself has been little delayed to the early 2011. Check out DC Universe Online blog and website for more information.



Thanks 🙂


Long delay…


Just an update since no post been made until now. In these couple of months, I haven’t posted anything here plus my website also haven’t got any attention. Its been a very busy ride and all the laziness came with it. In August, I had been relocated to Singapore and working in Animation Studio and am really loving how things are going here.

I have been settled and will start working on updating all the pending works. Today I feel really good as after a really long time grab a paper and try some rough poses. It looks crap but I am satisfy as I know I am learning it and practising it every day will make a difference. I will try to make it online soon.

A small update to the website with clips from DC Universe competition and some update to the profile and resume, which will be soon be updated.

There are two short films in which I was collaborating, will soon done with finalization of shots.

And the production of my old short, which is planned to be resumed by this year end. And man, I am serious in finishing it up by next year 2011.

Well, for now these are the pending stuff on which I will be more focusing and stay tune for more updates soon 🙂

DCUO/Mass Animation Exclusive Trailer Released


After its release on 15th June at E3, the trailer of DCUO/Mass Animation had been onlined. It had revealed all the winners of DCUO/Mass Animation – animation contest which was held on December 2009 – January 2010.

It is really a great moment for me to see me name in the credits. Its an honour to being the only one from Pakistan. My shot is the facial closeup shot of Jokers laugh, though it is for a few frames but its really worth it 🙂

I would really like to thank Mass Animation, DC Universe Online, Sony Entertainment, Reel FX and all the sponsors and individuals who had involved in the great competition journey. Thank you.

And now here is the trailer:

Check out on Massively with a article:


Latest Animations


It was a great experience in being the part of Mass Animation / DC Universe Online Competition on Facebook. It was divided into 2 phases and there were an awesome amount of contribution by the world over animators. The final decision for phase 2 is on its way, as voting has just been finished. Sorry for late posting, as I am going through some things. I do wanted to do shots from phase 2, but can’t get a chance, however had submitted some shots in phase 1 and guess what one of the entry was selected. I am sharing some of my shots link from the facebook application page for which you will be acquiring facebook login. I don’t know how long will the shots be available but as long as they are there, its great to check it out.

Shot #05 (GC0050)
Shot #23 (PI0060)
Shot #03 (GC0030)

Hope, you will like it and will get some feedback on it.