New updates

Seems like I have more announcements than some actual stuff, well life is busy 🙂

Here are some new updates and some big chances:

Let me start with big chances first. I have finally decided to merge my this blog ( with my old blogger blog ( which haven’t been used in a while and expand it. This merger will take place on my website sub domain at I had already taken first step and setup the blog there and transferred over this blog, still a lot of stuff to do. Remember to follow my new blog to get updates.

I know I haven’t updated my website in a while, but trust me it will be soon.

Some new animations update coming next week. Yes, its my Animation Mentor – Animals & Creatures: Class 1 progress reel, look out for it and I’ll love to get your views.

Stay Tuned 😀

Quick update…

Some quick updates:

Finally it seems like my website working back to normal. Due to server transfer,  it caused some unexpected results.

There is an update pending for the website which might happen soon.

Animation Mentor: Animals & Creatures – Class 1 Progress Reel coming soon.

Stay tuned, more to come 🙂


Busy months…


Just an update, its been a while and I haven’t updated stuff as I’m super busy these months.

In addition to work, I have been enrolled in AM: Animals and Creatures Master Class – Fall 2012, which is going quiet awesome by the way, so my time has been totally utilized 🙂

For further updates, will keep posting, thanks.

New Reel & Website Online

Just a quick note regarding recent developments. I managed to design new website with updated animation reel.

My goal was to make the website simple and easy to navigate. Your views and reviews are always welcome. Also check out my new Animation Reel. Let me know your views, thanks.

Looking forward to 2012

After a long delay and busy months, I had created a scheduling for my work. Here is what you can except in the coming year.

There will be a slight update to my website, with new updated links to new projects.

New look for the website.

New animations and updated reel.

Non animation related stuff.

I guess I can only act on the following stuff for now. Can’t promise much as I have been disappointed in resuming my short every year. Anyhow, thanks for stopping by, and see you later with some new stuff 🙂

Latest Animations


It was a great experience in being the part of Mass Animation / DC Universe Online Competition on Facebook. It was divided into 2 phases and there were an awesome amount of contribution by the world over animators. The final decision for phase 2 is on its way, as voting has just been finished. Sorry for late posting, as I am going through some things. I do wanted to do shots from phase 2, but can’t get a chance, however had submitted some shots in phase 1 and guess what one of the entry was selected. I am sharing some of my shots link from the facebook application page for which you will be acquiring facebook login. I don’t know how long will the shots be available but as long as they are there, its great to check it out.

Shot #05 (GC0050)
Shot #23 (PI0060)
Shot #03 (GC0030)

Hope, you will like it and will get some feedback on it.


Vote for ME!


Currently I have been involved in Mass Animation competition which is being collaborated with DCUniverse Online on FaceBook.

I had created some Phase 1 shots for trailer and game. The deadline is 8th January 2010. I invite you to check out the competition and vote on some of my shot.

The recent shot I added was Shot 23 (PI0060), vote for it and vote as you feels like it. Only requirement is that you should have Facebook account.


Incase, can’t find the shot with my name, checkout the shot is numbered as Shot 23 (PI0060)

Your views and vote really counts.

Thanks for your time.